CIA shaken not stirred by Petraeus extramarital affair and resignation

I don’t know whether Gen. David Petraeus thought he should mimic James Bond and bed more than one woman.

After all, Petraeus was the CIA director and Bond, while British, is the world’s most iconic spy.

I also don’t know whether Petraeus was preoccupied and distracted by his sex life when the U.S. was asleep at the switch during the Benghazi attack.

Petraeus resigned today, citing an extramarital affair.

Call him The Spy Who Came In From The Bedroom.

The FBI is investigating Petraeus biographer Paula Broadwell for improperly trying to access his email.

Some are reporting that the Petraeus girl is Broadwell (sounds like the name of a Bond girl, don’t you think?).

Ah, a juicy spy scandal apparently isn’t restricted to the silver screen.

The Senate Intelligence Committee says Petraeus will no longer testify at next week’s closed hearings on Benghazi.

His wife’s wrath may be even worse than the Senate Intelligence Committee’s.

Petraeus should have known better. There are two things a gentleman simply does not do: Cheat on his wife and drink red wine with fish.