Look for General Petraeus, Paula Broadwell, Jill Kelley and Holly Petraeus in a reality TV show coming to a network near you

Unlike smoking and drinking, adultery always has been a capital offense.

Which is why this General Betraeus, oops, Petraeus affair is getting stickier than Juicy Fruit.

And following all its loose ends is more difficult than opening a contrary bottle of wine.

I, for one, make it a practice to never overcook my preparation.

Nevertheless, I do know there are tons of questions about Petraeus biographer Paula Broadwell, whose relationship with the former CIA director crashed his career right into a dumpster.
There are questions about the unusual level of access Broadwell appears to have had while embedded with an All In Petraeus in Afghanistan.
Plus, questions abound on just what type of person Broadwell is.
Military men have fired shots at her, describing her as a simpering seductress hot enough to melt a 65-ton Abrams tank who flashed her bare arms, tight shirts and 6-minute-mile legs at the quivering older man and then got her claws into him.
Folks in her Charlotte, N.C. neighborhood paint a strikingly different portrait: A radiologist’s wife and mother of two sons who serves dinner by candlelight, walks her boys to the bus stop every morning, wears a costume while handing out candy at Halloween, and is a regular Mother Teresa.
Granted, after baking cookies at home she apparently wrote threatening emails to another woman who was or wasn’t also having some kind of relationship with the hyperactive general, who just had to be rubber-legged at times.
That woman, Jill Kelley, evidently felt threatened and reported the emails, sparking the FBI probe.
Kelley is the State Department’s liaison to the military’s Joint Special Operations Command and her closeness with Petraeus was enough that Broadwell allegedly demanded Kelley “stay away from” him.
Meanwhile, there is no question that Holly Petraeus, his wife of 38 years, would love to stick javelins into both his ears and stir.
Reportedly furious would be an understatement to characterize Holly’s mood.

You don’t have to go to hell to know that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.