A raging military scandal! Somebody is slipping testerone pills into the mess hall food of our generals

Look at the picture above. That is John Allen, not Brad Pitt. Not exactly a cuddy rascal, is he? But evidently a rascal all the same.
There are hound dogs better looking than Allen, the second four-star general ensnared in the sexual scandal that already has ended the career of David Petraeus.
Don’t these dudes ever general?
Is Allen a hound? I don’t know but he must be an idiot.
Our and NATO’s top commander in Afghanistan has been accused of sending between 20,000 and 30,000 inappropriate emails to Jill Kelley, the woman who got harassing emails from Paula Broadwell and who had the affair with Petraeus.
Who has time to hit send that many times, let alone type a message each time? Allen’s fingers must have been rubbed raw.
Between all the emails Kelley got from Broadwell and Allen, her in box must have been more overwhelmed than Custer at the Little Big Horn.
Allen denies having an extramarital affair and a Defense Department official insisted the emails were simply “friendly exchanges.”
C’mon, man.
Maybe this is just me, but you would think Petraeus and Allen had more constructive things to do with their time. Like defending our freedom and rooting out all those Muslim zealots trying to fry us.
Instead they apparently were wallowing in lovesick puppy dog puberty.