Foles and follies add up to a wickedly woeful afternoon for the Eagles, uh, Turkeys

You don’t have to know George Thorogood to know that the Eagles are bad to the bone. And that bone is afflicted with osteoporosis.

Right now, these Birds couldn’t beat you, your cousins and your uncles in a Thanksgiving morning touch football game.

Since everybody from the Reading Hospital to the Reading Phillies is changing their name these days, watch for the Philadelphia Eagles to soon become the Philadelphia Turkeys.

They got waffled by a woeful Washington Redskins squad today. The final score was 31-6 and it could have been worse if the Redskins hadn’t fallen asleep at halftime.

Philly now is 3-7 and has lost six straight. Our Iggles have now lost four games in a row by 13 points or more for the first time since 1976.

Wake up the echoes of Rich Kotite.

Andy Reid may beg Jeffrey Lurie to fire him now and spare him this grief. Big Red is more shattered than Humpty Dumpty. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men (assuming we had a king) couldn’t put Andy together again.

Nick Foles made his first NFL start for the concussed Michael Vick and he was no rookie wonder, failing to generate a touchdown.

He finished 21 for 46 for 204 yards and threw picks on his first two possessions. Granted, the first one wasn’t his fault as it clanged off the increasingly concrete hands of Brent Celek. The second Foles pick was thrown into double coverage that Stevie Wonder could have seen.

The offensive malfunctions weren’t all Foles. The kid had to play behind a makeshift offensive online that was actually comically creative in coming up with every type of drive-killing penalty imaginable. With that OL, Foles was playing on a 200-yard field.

I know Foles needs a haircut, but his teammates didn’t have to go out of their way to get him scalped by the Skins.

His passer rating of 40.5 was the worst by an Eagle throwing 40 or more passes in a game since A.J. Feeley had a 30.0 rating for a four-INT performance against the Seahawks in 2007.

Press the mute button on the franchise quarterback babble, please!

The Turkeys’ defense sucked worse than their offense. Consequently, Robert Griffin III was playing on a 50-yard field.

The Birds made RGIII look like the greatest Washington QB since Slingin’ Sammy Baugh. Their pass coverage was incredibly pathetic, especially on scoring bombs of 49-yards to Adrick Robinson and 61 yards to Santana Moss.

Griffin almost was perfection personified, going 14 of 15 for 200 yards, with four touchdowns.On top of everything else, the Eagles’ best player, LeSean McCoy, suffered a concussion with under two minutes left and the Eagles down 25.Suffice it to say, this is the biggest meltdown around here since TMI2.

The theme for the remainder of this Eagles’ season is The Limbo — how low can you go?