Foles slams the door on the Eagles' losing streak and opens the door on their future

Stop hand-cranking down the steel shutters on the Eagles’ season.
Granted, their playoff hopes were reduced to crumbs weeks ago.

And yes, Andy Reid is sitting on a seat so hot it’s worse than sleeping in Saran Wrap right next to the basement furnace.

After all, an eight-game losing streak that was the franchise’s longest in 42 years is a Master Lock to turn smiles upside down.

But that agonizing losing streak finally has slid into past tense, courtesy of rookie QB Nick Foles.

Foles is why the Eagles still are worth watching. No matter who coaches the Birds next year, could Foles be the guy?

Which is a more intriguing question than asking why Brad Pitt goes out of his way to look like spit.

Foles had a game pretty enough to preserve on a postcard as he led the Eagles today to a Shakespearean-dramatic 23-21 win over the Bucs in Tampa Bay.

His numbers were more impressive than a Victoria’s Secret model in her underwear, going 32 of 51 for 381 yards, two touchdown passes, zilch picks (although he came thisclose to throwing several interceptions because he guns bullets into small windows) and a rushing touchdown.

With Bryce Brown suddenly utterly pedestrian as a runner, Foles even led the team in rushing with 27 yards on three carries.

A peek behind the numbers shows this guy has the ice in his veins to be Clutch Cargo. The kid has more nerve than an inflamed tooth screaming for root canal. And is more calm than a guy on his third martini.

Foles’ TD tosses both came in the final 3:55.

Big Nick (Foles, not Santa Claus) showed his mettle on the winning drive, which started at the Eagles’ 36 with them five points down and no timeouts with 2:44 remaining. It was time for the rook to deliver them from evil.

And he did just that, finding Jeremy Maclin on a 1-yard touchdown pass as time expired.

Iggles Nation needs a hero to hang its hopes on during the offseason.

They just may have found the guy in the Nick of time.

Then again, he could just be a passing fancy. Which is the cruelest tease of all.