Appears Boehner is bending on tax cuts and wants Obama to get his paring knife busy

Did I or anyone else mention to you about this impending fiscal cliff thing? Perhaps not, because it’s all been rather hush-hush.
And I’m not talking about a fiscal cliff involving holiday shopping bills or sky-high electric bills for decorating houses with enough holiday lights to serve as headlights for Santa’s reindeer and attract alien ray guns.
Apparently word has gotten to John Boehner about the fiscal cliff and being the Johnny on the Spot that he is, he fired up another cigarette and then fired off a fresh offer to the White House today.
Boehner wants Barack Obama to lay out specific spending cuts to accompany the president’s demand for tax increases on the wealthy.
Boehner’s move is an effort to shift the fiscal cliff debate away from the issue of tax rates and into a territory that Republicans are much more comfortable with.
Republicans, because of their DNA and CPA, shiver with revulsion at the mere thought of tax cuts, as if a snake had just crawled across their bank accounts.
Well, if you read the tea leaves here and tea leaf reading was my college major after I flunked basket weaving, Boehner apparently has signed off on tax rates going up on some incomes.
So Boehner is demanding specific spending cuts and entitlement reforms in return for breaking his back and heart bending on top-end tax rates.
After all, Boehner has to sell the deal to his fellow House Republicans. Which could be a mite more difficult than selling air conditioners to Santa and his elves at the North Pole.