In this holiday season, the Eagles take the gift of giving to absurd levels

It’s all about location. Turnovers are great in a pastry shop or in your mouth. Not so great in a football game.

The Eagles, despite their D-line actually playing a good game, coughed up five turnovers and got smacked by the Bengals 34-13 Thursday night at the Linc.

Seeing someone cough up a lung with their terminal breath would have been easier to watch.

All 34 Cincinnati points came off Eagles’ gaffes – 31 points off five turnovers and three more off a hysterical blocked punt by Marvin McNutt, who was pathetically pushed into his own punter.

The game entered the Keystone Kops realm of bloopers in the third quarter when the Philly offense and special teams turned the ball over on three straight snaps, four out of five snaps overall.

Hell, even Santa Claus isn’t that generous.

Of course, Andy Reid, looking like a forlorn Santa, took full responsibility.

Who says that laughter and tragedy can’t ride in tandem?