It is way past time to bite the bullet and pull the trigger on the politics of guns

On a sunny Friday morning in the idyllic Connecticut town of Newton, Evil came to Sandy Hook Elementary.

Evil did not come alone. Evil, otherwise known as suspected shooter Adam Lanza, was packing. And packing big — two handguns, a Sig Sauer and a Glock, and a .223 Bushmaster M4 carbine.
The guns were legally purchased by his mother, She’s dead now. Murdered yesterday . Allegedly by her deeply mentally disturbed son.
Of course, plenty of other people were slaughtered yesterday. Twenty young kids, on the cusp of Christmas, shot to death. Their principal and five other adults also were gunned down before Lanza took the coward’s way out and snuffed his own life.
Little kids who should have been smiling and learning in school suddenly and horrifyingly were turned into bloody corpses as the air around them grew still, dark, cold and full of dread.
Helpless victims, most of them 6- and 7-years-old, shot multiple times. An elementary school turned into a grisly and gruesome death camp.
Happy faces of kids turned into death masks. It wrenches your heart, percolates the bile in your liver, and makes you scream gun control!
Little kids who will never have little kids of their own. All because the society they were born into is steeped in raw violence, its moral compass cracked like an egg.
Mass shootings, sadly and tragically, have become the norm in our society. But this one was the ultimate massacre frozen in malevolence.
Killing so many precious children and robbing their classmates of their innocence for eternity made all of us raise our voices an octave, made all our jaw muscles lose their grip, and scorched blisters on all our hearts.
Can you imagine what the parents and grandparents and brothers and sisters of all those murdered kids are feeling today? Can you imagine how they will feel disposing of Christmas gifts that will never be unwrapped? Can you imagine how they will feel every Christmas for the rest of their lives? Lives that never, ever will be the same.
Too many lives in America are circling the drain because of the politics of guns in this country. Damn too many guns, damn too many dying.
Yeah, the gun nuts always say that the bad guys always will have guns, so we too need guns to protect ourselves.
That’s the answer? Let everybody pack? Have kindergarten and first-graders and second-graders pack a lunch and a Glock?
There always will be killers, mental cases and wackos out there. But they’ll kill a helluva lot fewer people with their fists or knives than with guns.
Fewer guns, fewer killing fields. Fewer guns, less blood in the eye and less blood on the moon.
Forbid the sale of assault guns in America and restrict their use to the military and the police. And do your damn best to caulk the ooze of black market artillery poisoning our land from overseas.
OK, hunters who need their killing fix need their rifles just like golfers need their clubs. But that doesn’t mean assault weapons should be sold in America. Deer don’t shoot back. A mere rifle will do just fine.
Meanwhile, for the rest of us who don’t live in the woods, let’s once and for all put a muzzle on the politics of guns in this country. We owe it to our children. Most of all, we owe it to the children who died yesterday.
As a society, we’ve got too much blood on our hands. And it will never wash off. Hot lead shouldn’t be getting frequent flyer miles in a civilized society.