Andy Reid doesn't leave them laughing

If today was Andy Reid’s last game coaching the Eagles at the Linc, as the Mayans and Nostradamus have predicted, Big Red went out a loser.

Back when the Birds were winning NFC East titles and reaching the NFC title game on as regular basis as the sunrise, who would have envisioned Reid waddling off into the sunset with a dilapidated 4-11 record?

As exits go, this was no grand farewell.

Granted, veteran Eagles’ fans whose average age is coma have seen seasons equally as dismal.

But none of those dreary campaigns began with the Great Expectations this one kicked off with.

If you recall, there actually were some folks who picked the Eagles to win the Super Bowl.

Imagine that.

Today’s 27-20 loss to the Redskins reflected the agonizing frustration of the season: It ended on an intentional grounding call with the Eagles perched a mere 5 yards short of the end zone.

Reid’s predestined exit hardly was the focal point of Eagles’ disciples, who inhabit the most passionate cathedral in the NFL.

Reid, once their revered high priest, was received with indifference before the game. No booze-fueled invective was showered upon him.

There was a mix of cheers and boos at the game’s conclusion — the former directed at the head coach and his legacy, the latter aimed at the team and the loss.

Who knows what’s next for the Eagles and Reid?

Perhaps the Birds will hire Nick Saban or Chip Kelly and win five straight Super Bowls.

Perhaps Reid will become a ballerina.

Somehow I suspect the immediate future for both the team and their lameduck coach will be much more pedestrian.