With his Birds bludgeoned by the Giants, Reid fails to flee with booty before the coup

It was Andy Reid’s last stand today.

His players hardly had his back. I guess they heard reports that Reid was told Friday he will get the ax Monday so his troops figured they were going into battle with a headless lame duck.

For those of you without access to spell check, there is no I in team. But there is one in quit.

On a cold, crappy, wind-buffeted afternoon at MetLife Stadium, the Eagles left their testosterone pills untouched and were clubbed into a convulsing 42-7 heap by the Giants.

Their effort, or the lack thereof, was so disgraceful they should fear deportation proceedings. They say Belarus is nice this time of year.

Rest assured, the new coaching staff will be shipping out players like Christmas hams.

All the problems that have plagued the Birds were in attendance Sunday — coverage blunders, bad tackling and terrible turnovers.

For those of us brave enough and stupid enough to watch these last rites, it left all of us with eyes as glazed as a Krispy Kreme.

The Eagles finished a tragic 4-12. It is the worst record of Reid’s 14 years in Philadelphia and the most losses since the team finished 3-13 in Ray Rhodes’ final season in 1998.

Reid must hear a metronome inside his head.

Because as he was bludgeoned throughout the season, he remained cemented to his script of “time’s yours” and taking full responsibility and needing to put his players in a better position.

On a day of closure soaked in futility, it’s going to take an awful strong chaser to wash behind the bitter taste of a season and an era gone horribly wrong.