While bullets rack up frequent flier miles, the crazy debate on gun control toggles back and forth like a seesaw on steroids

Bloggers, of course, are noted provocateurs of social rest.
In a world that has gone cuckoo; when political discourse — like a belly dancer on amphetamines — is all shimmy and shake; when senseless gun violence moves like a cloud rolling across the moon, leaving only a shadow to chase while we stand quivering at the brink of chaos, bloggers offer stinging context to the insanity.
Today was another insane day, hardly as smooth as the top of a Formica table.
As Joe Biden was holding a press conference on the progress of his task force on gun violence came news of another school shooting, this one in California where the school’s armed guard was absent because he was snowed in.
I am not making this up.
Mass gun violence is more out of control than Brent Musburger’s aging hormones.
Equally as crazy, the NRA bluntly declared today that it would not cooperate with any White House drive for gun control, claming the administration is more concerned with attacking the Second Amendment than keeping our children safe.
Well, the NRA only sprinkles the Second Amendment with incense because it cares about gun profits, not the Constitution. And they are liars when they claim the feds are coming to take their handguns and shotguns.
They aren’t and can’t, because of the aforementioned Second Amendment. But the feds are coming to take their assault weapons. This isn’t about gun control. This is about assault weapon control.
The NRA couldn’t be more embarrassing if all its members showed up at the shooting range with their flies down.
Bill Clinton is right. It’s nuts to oppose measures to curb the proliferation of high-capacity magazines.
Call me crazy, but nobody needs a 30-round clip unless they’re trying to shoot their way out of Somalia.