The Eagles, like Sherlock Holmes, get their man in Chip Kelly

Here is some news that has just knocked Iggles Nation on their trousers today.

Chip Kelly is the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Talk about an amazing flip-flop by the Oregon wizard.

This has Philly fans yelping like bacon grease splattering on a hot stove and sporting smiles a tad bigger than a sliver.

I guess Jeff Lurie had to write an even bigger check than Phil Knight. A check with enough zeroes to stretch from here to Manayunk.

Still, there is one big question looming out there like a hanging curve ball: Can Kelly’s innovative 5-hour energy drink tempo offensive scheme that creates acres of space and deploys playmakers with more speed than Olympic sprinters translate to the NFL where there are smaller windows and where you can’t recruit hordes of bodies who all break the sound barrier.

Granted, the Niners, Redskins and Panthers have employed spread offenses recently but not to the extent Kelly uses a mobile quarterback.

And just who will be Kelly’s quarterback? Michael Vick is as brittle as balsa wood in a tsunami and Nick Foles is slower than molasses retrieved from a glacier.

Geno Smith anyone?


3 thoughts on “The Eagles, like Sherlock Holmes, get their man in Chip Kelly

  1. Mio says:

    I don’t know. The Patrots went out to study Kelly’s offense and came back with the most uptempo offense in the league. And Tom Brady is not exactly fleet of foot. I can see Kelly using Foles in that kind of offense with some adjustments.

  2. Mio,

    You make an excellent point. Foles, like Brady, has exhibited nimble pocket presence even though you could time his 40 with an hour glass.


  3. Murray says:

    Geno Smith is not a running quarterback. Also, Kelly has heaped a good deal of praise onto Foles on at least one occasion. Could be that Kelly and Foles are starting out as belonging to a mutual admiration society.

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