Women get their chance to man up in combat

I guess the Marines now will be looking for a few good women, which guys have been doing ever since Adam spotted Eve under the apple tree and turned the Garden of Paradise into a living hell.

Speaking of hell, war is hell.

Speaking of war, women really will be giving our enemies hell.

Did you notice the theme of our narrative?

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta lifted the military ban on women in combat today, a move which opens up thousands of frontline positions and potential elite commando jobs.

A move long overdue. Everybody knows that women are the stronger sex.

Once our women and their mascara are manning the front, our foes and their Nikes will be running backward in full retreat.

I got a hunch that a lot of mothers-in-law will become Navy Seals.


3 thoughts on “Women get their chance to man up in combat

  1. […] Women get their chance to man up in combat. […]

  2. Murray says:

    Since the purpose of the military is to defend us and because this enables them to better fulfill that mission, I am all for it.

  3. Gwen says:

    What did/do the women in the military do all day? Cook, do dishes, do laundry, change bedding on the bunks? Maybe they give massages from head to toe?

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