Beyonce’s lips steal center stage from her backside

So much for the Niners and the Ravens, Colin Kaepernick and Joe Flacco, the Harbaugh Brothers (the most famous set of siblings since the Smith Brothers were coughing up a lung), Ray Lewis and deer antler spray/murder rap.

This Super Bowl is all about Beyonce.

With the whole world tingling with goose bumps, Beyonce opened her Super Bowl press conference today with a rousing two minute live rendition of The Star Spangled Banner, followed by an admission that she did indeed use a pre-recorded track while singing the anthem at Obama’s inauguration and a promise that she will be singing live at halftime Sunday.

Three observations:

When did the universe become so utterly superficial that halftime performers hold press conferences? When I was playing high school football, our band didn’t hold pregame press conferences. They had to save their breath to blow their trumpets and trombones.

What will all the little minds in the world do now to fill their empty heads now that the did she or didn’t she lip sync debate is over?

How is it that Beyonce has a bigger butt than any of the Super Bowl linemen? Steroids? Oodles of potato chips?


2 thoughts on “Beyonce’s lips steal center stage from her backside

  1. She is definitely well rehearsed!! You nailed that with one potato chip.

  2. Murray says:

    To quote Hillary Clinton, “What’s the difference?”

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