Republican hardball will mean hard times

Playing kick the can is fine for kids who need a respite from all their digital apps.

But playing kick the can down the road is simply a measure of desperation for adults.

With a long-term budget deal looking dimmer than the Superdome was for 34 minutes during the Super Bowl, President Obama called on Congress today to pass a mix of stopgap measures to avert the economic damage from the forthcoming sequester cuts and give Congress more time to figure out a solution.

Guess what? Even if that can starts rattling down the road, a solution may prove as elusive as a butterfly.

No wonder that Obama suddenly is looking like a guy watching his Jaguar catch fire in the driveway.

It appears as if the Republicans simply want to cut spending and damn the consequences, even if it cripples our military might.

When that GOP machine of a mindset whirs like a giant Transformer, the swath of destruction can be stacked like piles of cordwood.

If the Republicans get their way, the austerity the cuts induce will cost oodles of jobs and batter the economy more than a speed bump in the Target shopping complex parking lot on Broadcasting.

Granted, we need to cut spending. But with a machete, not a wheat thresher.

Too much austerity when an economy is on life support is what turned Europe into a helpless overturned turtle.

Across-the-board cuts to defense programs and domestic discretionary programs (not to Social Security and entitlements) would start to take effect March 1 and over the next seven months would likely mean $55 billion in defense cuts and $27 billion in domestic cuts and, insert drum roll here, cost at least a million jobs.

The bigger collateral damage will be to the economy, which could be wheezing its terminal breath.


2 thoughts on “Republican hardball will mean hard times

  1. Murray says:

    Yeah, let’s blame the Republicans for our fiscal woes and for failing to offer sensible solutions. After all, the Democrats, Obama in particular, have been the model of fiscal restraint and have offered countless sensible plans to balance the budget.

  2. Murray says:

    The bottom line to what you’re saying, Zeke, is that, but for Uncle Sam spending wads of dough borrowed from our children and grandchildren without their consent, the economy would tank. That’s one sad perspective. Pitiful, really.

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