A blizzard of a name game

I like it that hurricanes and tropical storms have names.

They personalize the assassins who stalk us and destroy us.

Nobody wants to be tormented by a bully they can’t put a name to.

My only complaint is why there never seems to be a hurricane named Zeke.

The Weather Channel now is naming winter storms, too. There’s no discrimination among those folks apparently.

This has kicked up a storm with the National Weather Service, which has advised its forecasters not to follow The Weather Channel’s lead.

Can’t anybody get along?

Nevertheless, I think these winter storm names will catch on.

But they’ve got to come up with better names. The monster storm of the century that supposedly is going to smother New England tonight is named Nemo.

Say what?

Did they name it after Captain Nemo?

If so, why?

Wouldn’t Death From Above have a much more we’re-all-gonna-die fear factor?

With a name like that, toilet paper would be flying off the supermarket shelves because everybody would be scared you know what.

I’m just glad that I live in relatively tropical Berks County, PA, where already Nemo seems destined to fizzle like the hula hoop or Chris Christie’s six-pack.

As of this writing they have cancelled the winter storm warning for these parts and we’re down to a measly winter weather advisory.

Which suits me just fine. So I will refrain from renaming this storm Wimp.


4 thoughts on “A blizzard of a name game

  1. Guess everybody is too busy shoveling that one inch of snow t comment 🙂

  2. Karen Emslie says:

    I think they should name the storms a fierce name – like Thor or Tyrone – not Sandy or Nemo.

  3. Murray says:

    Zeke, I think you should go on 60 Minutes. Ever since Andy Rooney departed (literally), they’ve been lacking a person that can turn our shared experiences into pithy observations.

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