Lindsey Graham not ready to rock and roll on Hagel and Brennan nominations

On this night when the Grammy Awards are captivating America, you probably couldn’t find a lot of people who still are focusing on the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.

Especially with the Oscars coming up, everybody is so retro with terrorist attacks and obsessing with Argo.

Trust me, nobody ever accused Lindsey Graham of being a superficial pop culture groupie.

That no more fits the DNA of a Republican Senator from South Carolina than Timothy Leary chromosomes.

Graham may have two hips, but he sure as hell isn’t hip.

Graham plans to block two of President Barack Obama’s top national security nominees until he gets answers from the White House on Benghazi.

Granted, Graham may have to employ water boarding to get some answers on that.

When it comes to that subject, the White House couldn’t be anymore tight-lipped had it being wearing Superglue lipstick.

I guess it’s waiting for Ben Affleck to film the true story 30 years hence.

Speaking on CBS’s “Face the Nation” today, Graham said he was not going to let Chuck Hagel go forward as Secretary of Defense nor let John Brennan move ahead as CIA director unless he gets more information on the president’s involvement in the response to the consulate attack that resulted in the killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others.

Graham’s obstructionism is enough to give the president facial tics.

But I’ll worry about that tomorrow. For now, I’m concentrating on who is popping out of their Grammy dresses.

Unlike Graham, I know cool even more than a guy named Biff with 12-pack abs and Freon nerves.


One thought on “Lindsey Graham not ready to rock and roll on Hagel and Brennan nominations

  1. Murray says:

    Sadly, it appears quite likely that nobody is ever going to be held accountable for the death of our ambassador and three other Americans that took place in Benghazi back on September 11 of last year. I appreciate Graham and what he is doing about this and it’s very much in character for him, but unfortunately he is peeing into the wind. There will be no Howard Baker to ask, “What did the President know and when did he know it,” and, more importantly, there will be no John Dean to answer it and no tapes to corroborate that answer.

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