Obama and Rubio speak with parched lips

President Obama’s last significant State of the Union speech was a missed opportunity.

Monday night was a singular moment, but Obama failed to seize the brass ring.

Last night’s window already is closing. Free from facing the electorate ever again, riding the coattails of Moe Mentum in the wake of his reelection, and a year away from becoming a dreaded lame duck, he had the ideal time to rise above partisan bickering and distrust.

But it slipped through Obama’s hands like he was a Phillies’ corner outfielder.

It was a call for statesmanship but Obama never heeded the call.

Rather, he offered a laundry list oozing with shop-worn liberal ideas. Mired in the muck of an ongoing budget crisis, high unemployment and a tepid economic recovery, he kept rolling out expensive new proposals as if they were merely quarter-inch hex nuts.

And he was ham-handed in overplaying his hand on gun control as he enlisted a posse of victims and survivors of gun violence.

This was a State of the Union address, not a stump speech. I guess Obama never got the memo.

A State of the Union speech should inspire all of us so in the background we all hear Sinatra flying us to the moon.

Obama didn’t even get us off the ground.

As for the Republican response, Marco Rubio repeated the party line that big government is badder than the Big Bad Wolf but nobody will remember Rubio’s words because he took a moment to take a swig from his water bottle.

I assume Rubio also missed a memo, this one decreeing that our leaders die of thirst if need be.


One thought on “Obama and Rubio speak with parched lips

  1. Murray says:

    Obama seems bent on using the power of the Presidency to redress grievances. Being a statesman doesn’t really square with that.

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