The White House press corps gets the shaft in the Obama-Woods golf match

Barack Obama must have a backswing uglier than Joan Rivers. His drives must need a GPS to land within 100 yards of the fairway. He must putt like he creates jobs.

No wonder the White House press corps gets aced out of covering the president’s every swing.

Obama doesn’t want footage of his golf game making everybody in America nauseous, especially since we’re all sick to our stomach about the economy slowly swimming toward recovery in turtle soup.

This is a holiday weekend, what with President’s Day and all that. So Obama had a golfing weekend and hit the links with Tiger Woods.

The press corps is angrier than a rattlesnake with psoriasis because it didn’t get to give this golf outing the same breathless coverage CBS gives The Masters.

As we all know, the presidency and golf go together like pimento cheese sandwiches and Jack Daniels. The spike marks Ike left in the Oval Office floor are White House treasures.

Granted, the media has a point that they should have had some access to the Obama-Woods summit meeting on the links … just in case Tiger gave the prez some tips on recovering from economic disaster.

Woods, you might recall, lost a fortune in his divorce settlement and subsequent loss of billions in endorsements … not to mention the cost of squiring 174 mistresses around.

That being said, the White House press corps will just have to get over it. They, of all people, should know that a nasty rassle with the U.S. gubmint is futile.


One thought on “The White House press corps gets the shaft in the Obama-Woods golf match

  1. Murray says:

    We have freedom of the press in this country but that does not give them rights to access. They should have chilled out and taken the weekend off as he did. These people need to grow up.

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