Stung by criticism, Obama capitulates and reaches out to Republican senators on immigration

Barack Obama prefers to be aloof and above the fray of Washington politics.

Which is just peachy if you’re a political science professor at the Colorado School of Mines.

But it’s as presidential as moonlighting as a men’s room attendant.

LBJ must be rolling over in his grave while tweeting his fellow former presidents.

Obama’s philosopher king approach, to rip off Joe Scarborough, frequently gums up the carburetor of the Capitol Hill political engine.

Danica Patrick never would have won the Daytona 500 pole with that kind of sticky engine.

The president had been receiving withering criticism for not reaching out to Republicans negotiating an immigration overhaul.

He must have grown weary of trying to walk on the lumps of shrapnel exploding all around him on his getaway golf weekend. Talk about playing in the rough.

So today Obama stretched out his alligator arms to the max and went against his DNA by placing phone calls to three GOP senators — Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham and John McCain — involved in an eight-member Senate bipartisan group toiling on the immigration issue.

All three reportedly fainted from shock when they heard Obama’s voice. McCain, upon being revived, allegedly thought he was being pranked by Howard Stern.

Once they actually realized it actually Obama on the line, they shared their commitment to bipartisan, commonsense immigration reform.

What confounds pundits is why a guy with a winning personality one-on-one like Obama who can turn on the charm like yours truly whenever I’m entertaining a bevy of Victoria’s Secret models doesn’t regularly leverage that skill set to his advantage.

Didn’t Obama ever hear of Bill Clinton, who knew how to work a back room like Sinatra knew how to work a lyric?


One thought on “Stung by criticism, Obama capitulates and reaches out to Republican senators on immigration

  1. Murray says:

    Obama stung by criticism?? If so, it’s a first for him.

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