Sequestration is a silly word that is not a synonym for apocalypse

Sequestration is a stupid word because nobody knows what it means.

Granted, we know we’re talking about $85 billion in budget cuts.

But what do those numbers really mean?

Is it a fail-safe mechanism too horrible to contemplate because it will shut down our government like a garbage disposal jammed with too many leftover hot dogs from an Oscars party?

Is it a scare tactic?

Is it much ado about nothing?

Is it just another ho-hum example of how Democrats and Republicans can’t see eye to eye even during their stare downs? I guess they call that glaucoma.

Is it a kinky sex act you somehow missed out on during your hedonistic younger days?

Personally, I think sequestration means nothing.

For instance, CNBC stock market hottie Maria Bartironomo said today that looming sequestration isn’t soiling the underwear of Wall Street investors.

OK, she didn’t exactly put it that way but she did note that the market is trading at levels higher than Timothy Leary experienced in the Sixties.

Her point was that $85 billion really is relative chump change and isn’t going to apply a Ronda Rousey armbar to the economy.

One thought on “Sequestration is a silly word that is not a synonym for apocalypse

  1. Whatever the impact ultimately will be, I guess we will find out 🙂

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