Oscar was cast in the large shadow of Seth

The Academy Awards are not the most important event transpiring in the cosmos each year, even though the tsunami of Oscar buzz assaulting our celebrity-crazed culture would make one think so.

National holidays, religious holidays and Super Bowl Sunday rank just a tad higher in terms of pedigree.

But I will concede that the Oscars have it all over the Westminster Dog Show and my Aunt Myrtle’s annual backyard barbecue.

Seth MacFarlane is getting more heat than the folks in hell today over his Oscar hosting gig last night.

Of course the creator of “Family Guy” and “Ted” was sophomoric and at times jarringly inappropriate. What did you expect? Did you really think he was going to be stiffer than Queen Elizabeth?

MacFarlane was entertaining and irreverent … and, more importantly, funny.

Granted, the show ran too damn long because MacFarlane and some of the presenters were more self-indulgent than a Hollywood diva.

Meanwhile, the Oscar judges spread the gold as if it were lawn fertilizer.

Everybody, or so it seemed, won.

“Argo” won best picture as expected, along with two other prizes. It was a makeup call for snubbing director Ben Affleck.

“Life of Pi” – Oprah’s favorite flick — won the most awards with four, including a surprise win for director Ang Lee.

“Les Miserables” also won three Academy Awards while “Django Unchained” and “Skyfall” each took two.

Of course, “Ted” was not among them.

Marquee individual winners were best actor Daniel Day-Lewis for “Lincoln,” best actress Jennifer Lawrence for “Silver Linings Playbook,” supporting actress Anne Hathaway for “Les Miserables,” and supporting actor Christoph Waltz for “Django Unchained.”

The only drama happened when Lawrence hit the deck climbing the stage steps. But she quickly recovered her poise from the pratfall. Call it a case of literally being stage struck.

Michelle Obama, direct from the White House, made the best picture presentation –- once again fueling criticism that the Obamas are too celebrity conscious.

Then again, who among us is not?

One thought on “Oscar was cast in the large shadow of Seth

  1. Murray says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is everything Lindsay Lohan wishes she was.

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