Roy Halladay melting down before our very eyes

Roy Halladay, once a robotic pitching machine of perfection who had more command of his pitches than Patton had of his troops, suddenly is a well-battered hulk.

In two starts this season he has an ERA of 14.73. That figure is bigger than the GNP of some countries. It’s a number big enough to saddle and take a ride on.

After last night’s debacle against the Mets, Halladay has lasted just 3 1/3 innings and four-plus in his two starts while allowing 12 hits, 12 runs, three homers and six walks.

With his pitch command AWOL, he’s pitching by Braille. His once tsunami-velocity is reduced to raindrop strength. The guy is more run down than a $2 alarm clock.

It’s sad to see him sweating through these heavy floggings as high-pitch counts, hard-hit balls and early exits besmirch his legacy of greatness.

Halladay is a mess physically, mentally and emotionally. Shell shock will do that to a man.

It seems as if it has been forever or maybe longer since Roy Halladay was a coldly efficient and proud assassin.

Legends are supposed to last for the long haul and not be humbled and hollowed out like a Halloween pumpkin.

Speaking of that, anybody else out there getting the feeling that the Phillies this season are going to smell like a South Philly fish market?


4 thoughts on “Roy Halladay melting down before our very eyes

  1. Cliff Lee had better pitch in tonight for the phloundering Phillies.

    • Dennis Coleman says:

      I have felt for some time that guys like JRo and Howard are really are just shadows of what was……..and if the pitching is not good, could be a long season….again.

  2. A miracle is breaking a sweat … Howard has homered and the Phillies are actually winning 🙂

  3. Murray says:

    It’s rare for a pitcher to have dominating stuff after age 35. There are a few that go on after that to have success based on guile and near pinpoint control. Greg Maddux and Jamie Moyer come to mind. Also, the jury is still out in my mind as to whether Doc is 100% physically. We shall see….

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