The joy of the Boston Marathon vaporized by senseless destruction of innocents

The Boston Marathon has been an iconic event for decades, a lung-busting celebration of competition and independence on Patriots Day in Boston.

Today it became a bloody mess.

Two shrapnel-spewing bombs struck near the finish line, killing three people (one of them an 8-year-old boy) and injuring over a hundred, snuffing lives and severing limbs, shattering safety and savaging serenity.

Who spawned such horror? And why? If a cause was a motive, no cause is worthy of murdering and maiming strangers.

Whether the perpetrators are with a terrorist group or not, they now are terrorists.

And evil.

Evil, after all, is not something you develop over breakfast. Like a tattoo, it’s etched into the flesh. And singed into the heart.

Ultimately, only God can deliver us from evil. But man can root out evil and burn it at the stake.


2 thoughts on “The joy of the Boston Marathon vaporized by senseless destruction of innocents

  1. Jerry Moyer says:

    They are cowards. We need to track those responsible down and once again show the world that these acts will not ever be tolerated in the United States of America. Coward terrorists who hide behind their bombs. Let’s find them swiftly and deal with them like the coward, evil, terrorists they are.

  2. Murray says:

    The government looks impotent in all of this. Impotent to prevent it and impotent to solve it. So much money has been spent on ‘Homeland Security’ and Boston has more surveillance cameras per square foot than a casino and evidently the authorities have no idea who did this and why. And yet, ironically, in the aftermath of this, they will almost certainly ask for more money for ‘Homeland Security’ and for surveillance cameras and more power to snoop on people online and elsewhere. Not because they did such a good job with the money and the power we already gave them, but because they didn’t. And many, many people will thoughtlessly agree to it.

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