Bombs, poison letters, no expanded background checks, violence run amuck … it’s all leaving us naked with nowhere to hide

The last few days seemed to have stripped us bare, painfully vulnerable to the brutality of red-eyed trauma.

There was the hellacious carnage of the Boston bombing Monday.

Then poison letters containing ricin were mailed to President Obama and Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker. Several other senators also reported receiving suspicious mail.

And now the sustained ferociousness of gun violence in America got a free pass to continue unabated today when the bipartisan amendment to expand background checks failed to get the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster, meaning that the larger gun-control bill will likely be pulled from the Senate.

Sooner or later we are going to be incapacitated by all of this. Treading water in spilled blood is no way to live.

At least there was a shred of possiblly encouraging news emanating from Boston today when law enforcement officials said they have identified a suspect carrying a black bag at the second bombing scene in video footage.

Granted, even when the perpetrators are apprehended, tried and convicted, it will not restore lost life and lost limbs.

Justice does not serve up resurrection.


2 thoughts on “Bombs, poison letters, no expanded background checks, violence run amuck … it’s all leaving us naked with nowhere to hide

  1. Murray says:

    Every gun control law ever passed was sold on the promise that things would get better because of it. Those who put forth new bills count on people not remembering that to gain support. Unfortunately for the gun grabbers, most Americans have better memories than they give them credit for having. Of course, for liberals, there is that unfailing faith in legislation and government action in general. I truly feel sorry for those who live imprisoned by that particular brand of false hope.

  2. Gwen says:

    I saw somewhere that banning knives in certain situations is the next pressure cooker.

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