Three Earth-like planets discovered that could have life every bit as intelligent as Charlie Manuel

Since the only intelligent life we know of in the universe is ourselves, and I have my sincere doubts about the degree of intelligence some of our species possess, we think we’re pretty unique and special.

First of all, with humankind more violent than a jackhammer’s spasms, we aren’t all that special. Just ask the FBI, now hunting for two suspects in the Boston bombings.

And now we evidently aren’t all that unique.

Apparently Earth clones are sprouting like Justin Bieber gaffes.

Scientists announced today the discovery of three planets that are some of the best candidates so far for habitable worlds outside our own solar system — and they’re more out there than Lindsay Lohan.

Two of the planets — Kepler-62e and Kepler-62f — are part of a five-planet system in which the candidates for life are the farthest from the host star.

The host star — the equivalent of Earth’s sun — takes the name Kepler-62, where the individual planets are designated by letters thereafter.

The third planet that’s potentially habitable is called Kepler-69c.

Granted, if there are intelligent beings on these three planets, they should be smart enough to have sexier names than the boring names we have assigned them and likely won’t be stopping by here for a cookout anytime soon.

The Kepler-62 star is 1,200 light years away; Kepler-69 is 2,700 light years away.

A light year, the distance that light travels while drinking light beer in one year, is nearly 6 trillion miles. And that’s not factoring in construction detours triggered by rogue asteroids.

Of course, if these folks do land on Earth, we will know that they either (a) have one freaking long shelf life or (b) have flying saucers faster than Chip Kelly’s offense.


One thought on “Three Earth-like planets discovered that could have life every bit as intelligent as Charlie Manuel

  1. Suddenly we are not alone, my fellow earthlings too busy to comment 🙂

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