In the wake of the Boston nightmare, the question of terrorist linkages hangs heavy in the solemn air

With Boston under unprecedented siege today … in lockdown mode while a massive manhunt combs seemingly every nook and cranny and the hurt and loss of the Boston Marathon bombings are still hot to the touch … the mind reels at the possibilities of terrorist linkages.

If in fact the bombings indeed were perpetrated by two brothers – one now dead, the other evidently more elusive than a cure for cancer at the time of this posting — of Chechen origin, Tamerlan and Dhzokar Tsarnaev, the question is whether we are experiencing a further internationalization of Chechen terrorism and possible new linkages with international terror networks.

It is plausible that the alleged perpetrators were inspired by events in Chechnya and in Russia. It is also possible that they were radicalized by extremists at a mosque in the Boston area.

International terror linkages are making this world a hauntingly terrible place to inhabit. There are plenty of extremists filled with an ideology that percolates with the blackest rage against America.

Some individuals may be motivated by some grievance in their original homeland and then radicalized in local mosques and ultimately co-opted by international terror groups.

The Tsarnaev brothers lived in the U.S. for years, looked Caucasian, and blended in with the local population. They would have been ideal tools for terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda or Hezbollah.
Ultimately it may turn out that the brothers Tsarnaev were freelancing. But if they were part of an international terror network, that’s a much bigger uh-oh.

We must stand strong in this war of wills or else risk becoming so much chum in a sea of sharks.

We Americans frequently are distracted by our trivial pursuits. Which is a fatal flaw when we all need to be on sentry duty.


One thought on “In the wake of the Boston nightmare, the question of terrorist linkages hangs heavy in the solemn air

  1. Evidently there may have been no linkage, simply inspiration … but who really knows?

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