Eagles escalate their arms race

If you thought that the arms race between the Soviets and us during the Cold War was high stakes poker, Chip Kelly has trumped that.

The new Eagles coach certainly has a quarterback corps that is well-armed (five of them!) and perhaps dangerous.

It certainly is deeper than Lake Michigan at the moment.

So who will be the air to the throne as he next Top Gun in Philly?

Michael Vick?

Nick Foles?

Matt Barkley?

It’s going to be fascinating to see who becomes Kelly’s pilot.

Everybody but Chip Kelly keeps insisting that he wants a quarterback who is fleet of feet.

Kelly keeps protesting that he wants a quarterback who is fleet of mind with an accurate arm. And if the guy also has feet that are a Road Runner blur, so much the better.

You don’t need a fast QB to run a high-tempo offense. Tom Brady has glacial feet but a hiccup-quick mind. The Patriots are certainly more up tempo than Lawrence Welk.

Barkley doesn’t have a gun. Nor does he have the fast feet to run the zone read offense. But he can speed-read defenses and possesses more William Tell-accuracy than Vick and possibly Foles.

Once upon a time Barkley seemed anointed for transcendent things. He looks like a guy who fell off the back of a Wheaties box.

His USC career was memorable, not legendary, and ended in a downer that was not entirely of his own making.

Can a fourth-round pick be destined for greatness? It’s usually a longer shot than yours truly becoming Mr. Universe. But check your history books. The Pats took Brady in the sixth round. That sort of worked out.

Will Barkley, the one-time Hollywood Hero, morph into Big Bird?

This could be more fun to watch than Gilligan’s Island reruns.


One thought on “Eagles escalate their arms race

  1. Will the tarnished Golden Boy deliver for the Eagles?

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