Mark Sanford makes the most startling comeback since Lazarus

Some guys tear a labrum reaching for redemption.

Not Mark Sanford.

He didn’t even have to reach and salvation was his.

If Michelangelo still were wielding a brush, he would paint Sanford’s portrait and hang it on the Vatican ceiling.

For Sanford, the road back from the Appalachian Trail leads to Capitol Hill.

Only in South Carolina, where trapped inside voters is the mind of a jackass.

Sanford, the disgraced former Republican South Carolina governor, shockingly won back his old congressional seat Tuesday night, defeating Stephen Colbert’s sister — Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch — by a 54 percent to 45 percent margin in a high-turnout special election.

Compared to Custer, Sanford was even money.

Sanford was trailing 9 points in a PPP poll just two weeks ago.

Even the Republican National Congressional Committee decided that Sanford was a lost cause, withdrawing its cash from his campaign.

They should have known that liberal Democrats are gator bait in South Carolina and that Sanford would ride the 18 percent cushion Republicans have in the coastal First District like a magic carpet.


5 thoughts on “Mark Sanford makes the most startling comeback since Lazarus

  1. Murray says:

    I’m ok with you calling Sanford ‘disgraced’ for what he did outside his marriage, Zeke, as long as you also do it for Bill Clinton.

  2. Murray says:

    So stunned by my previous comment as to be rendered speechless?

  3. Not at all. I definitely think Bill Clinton disgraced himself because of his infidelity.

  4. Murray says:

    Agreed. And also for perjuring himself in the Paula Jones deposition. However, when we write copy about Clinton, do we label him ‘disgraced’ as we seem to be doing to Sanford with regularity and as we also did with Nixon, almost never missing an opportunity to describe him as ‘the disgraced former President’?

    Or are you being coy with me about the role of the press in shaping opinion through labeling?

  5. Sanford’s sins are fresh and still hot to the touch. As the wounds are covered by the scar tissue of time passage, the disgrace label will cease being a prefix to his name, just like it did with Clinton and Nixon.

    That being said, the media obviously can shape opinion through labeling.

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