The strikes, even if fewer in number, still will drone on

Until the terrorists are wearing Nikes and running into the arms of Quakers, the war will drone on.

President Obama outlined new policies for overseas drone strikes in a major national security speech today and said while the strikes will continue, he will cut back on the number.

Sounds like a guy slowly trying to wean himself off cigarettes.

The president admitted drones have killed American citizens overseas, but vowed that he would work more closely with aides on future uses of the weapons and that “there must be near-certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured.”

Here’s hoping that none of the drone strikes imitate a boomerang in flight.

It also helps if the target is standing alone in a cornfield. So look for terrorists to travel together like sardines in a can. Hope they have good deodorant.

While Obama promised to cut back on the number of attacks in general, he said he must weigh the risks of using drones against the alternative of more terrorist attacks. He will continue to call the shots over use of the weapons, he said, but not without first briefing Congress on every strike and working together to avoid increased oversight.

By the time Congress digests the drone briefings, the intended target may die of old age.

Obama also promised to close the Guantánamo Bay military prison. Even as a woman heckled him relentlessly about hunger strikes at Guantánamo, he said her voice is “worth listening to.”

Git r done on Gitmo, Barack!

One thought on “The strikes, even if fewer in number, still will drone on

  1. Drone attacks are about the only thing the Obama administration has done right lately.

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