Now for some sickening news: Obamacare actually might work!

Republicans and yours truly see eye to eye about as often as Wilt Chamberlain and Mickey Rooney once did.

Of course, I did vote for Romney — mostly because the mere thought of Obamacare was making me sick.

I thought the Republicans would repeal the law but they have struck out more often than Ryan Howard.

Granted, the GOP still rants and raves about Obamacare, shrieking like a guy circumcised with a weed whacker.

Now here’s the strange thing about all this: Suppose Obamacare actually does work? Suppose millions of angry Americans don’t wind up hating their new insurance or new insurance protections?

That could be downright revolting and more shocking than Barbara Walters and Joan Rivers running naked down Penn Street.

Here are some details that will have you strangling yourself with your stethoscope.

Already Obamacare has provided 54 million Americans free access to preventive services like check-ups and mammograms. And they have lived to tell about it.

More than six million seniors have saved more than six billion dollars on their prescriptions. And they now have enough money to eat unhealthy fast food.

Nearly 13 million consumers have received more than one billion dollars in rebates from insurance companies that had overcharged them. Those consumers have pumped at least some of those billon dollars into the economy while the insurance companies have flogged themselves like a medieval monk.

There are more than three million happy young adults who have been allowed to stay on their parents’ health insurance until they turn 26. Which means they can skateboard on the West Shore Bypass and not fear winding up in the Reading Hospital ER.

And in California, a state that represents one-fifth of the U.S. economy, we’ve learned that premiums for the law’s new insurance options have come in lower­ than expected.

Maybe the Republicans should stop scaring the hell out of everyone over Obamacare.


2 thoughts on “Now for some sickening news: Obamacare actually might work!

  1. Murray says:

    Free access to check-ups and mammograms? Not sure what this means, but check-ups and mammograms are not free. Somebody is paying for them. Also, every news report I have seen about premiums except one says they’ve been going up and will continue to do so. It’s interesting to me that you mention the one exception.

  2. Murray says:

    In light of what we now know, please feel free to retract this.

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