Turning a blind eye to the royal watchers

It always amuses me why Americans are so enamored with British royals.

After all, wasn’t it sort of a revolutionary thing when George Washington and the boys fricasseed the British chaps and freed us from the yoke of the monarchy?

Besides, except for Diana and Harry, the British royals always have been a rather drab, dour, dreary lot.

My only comment on the recent birth of William and Kate’s future king is that I hear he’s a real prince.

One thought on “Turning a blind eye to the royal watchers

  1. Murray says:

    I couldn’t care less either, Zeke. The only reason I know anything s because I follow the news and, like it or not, it’s always right in front of you.

    Here’s a brilliant idea, Zeke, that I think you should run with. Offer two versions of readingeagle.com. The regular one and one that’s scrubbed of all mention of the British royal family. I guarantee that you’ll get tons of page views from grateful news junkies like me on the latter if you promote it even half way decently.

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