Snowden spawns Russian deep freeze

Something almost eerie is taking shape.

Sort of like an opposite universe.

It’s hard to imagine that this day would ever come, but it arrived today when the U.S. assured Russia that it will treat political prisoners fairly.

Say what?

Imagine that.

Behavioral history sure got the finger on this one.

Are we now living in some sort of strange dimension that even Rod Serling (Google him if you’re under 55) never heard of?

After all, Russia hardly has treated political prisoners with benevolence over the decades. The gulag ain’t Disney World.

Attorney General Eric Holder told Russia Friday that the U.S. will not seek the death penalty for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in hopes of convincing them to hand him over.

Holder also said that Snowden would be tried in civilian court — something Americans who cross the government can no longer be sure of.

The Obama administration has been stung by Vladimir Putin’s refusal to return Snowden, so it’s pulling back from cooperating with the Russians.

The Obama administration has been chumps about Putin, stupidly thinking he truly could be a vodka-swilling chum.

The man is a cold despot, a guy whose DNA morphed into KGB. Which is why there is a bleached look to his eyes, why his pupils hold back every and all expression.

Enmity between the U.S. and Russia is as old as water. And this water is tainted by piss and vinegar.


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