Community treasure BCTV needs some treasure. If you’re single and not coyote ugly, you can help!

Berks Community Television has been THE non-profit community television station in the world — including the Congo, Lapland, France, Peru and Tibet — since its inception 30-some years ago.

It fosters community dialogue in a more profound and critical way than say Facebook, Twitter and smoke signals. By the way, I am a big fan of social media and its contemporary communications assets.

That being said, social media tends to be primarily narcissistic, superficial and shallow. BCTV is exponentially more community centric and provides a corridor for disparate segments of society to interact in a rational manner with more depth than Lake Michigan.

Please note that I previously mentioned that BCTV is a non-profit enterprise. As its past president, I know only too well the economic challenges it faces in continuing to provide the Berks and beyond community with quality programming (and that includes Dance Party, my friends, which you know you watch because you love to watch the alternative to Dancing With The Stars).

BCTV’s prime fundraiser is its annual Octoberfest auction, which by dumb luck, usually is held in October.

This year’s Octoberfest kicks off on Monday night, October 21 at the Crowne Plaza Reading.

If Howard Cosell, Dandy Don and the Giffer still were alive, they undoubtedly would be there. Oh, that’s right. Frank Gifford apparently still has a pulse.

BCTV is looking for single people of all ages (OK, you have to be at least 21 and if you’re 91 don’t expect to draw much action) who aren’t hideous or vampires to participate in a bachelor/bachelorette auction that evening.

This is a fun way for bachelors and bachelorettes to help raise funds for BCTV and perhaps find their Romeo or Juliet who have been MIA on eHarmony.

Even my wife is contemplating a quickie divorce so she can participate. That just shows you how passionate she is about BCTV and how non-passionate she is about yours truly, despite my abundant charms.

The dates that our couples will go out on will be double dates or group dates to ensure that all participants are comfortable.

Bidders for the bachelor/bachelorette auction must be at the Crowne Plaza that evening and when they register to bid they will have to sign a code of conduct pledging to act in a professional, appropriate and respectful manner on the date and will meet their date at the date venue.

This is going to an auction with class, not some tawdry meat market.

If you’re interested in being one of our bachelors or bachelorettes, contact me at 610-236-4747 or email me at

Who knows? You just might meet the person of your dreams and help BCTV at the same time!

And if you’re married, still come out that night and join the party and bid on some of the wonderful premium sports, arts and crafts, and other auction items.

Plus we will also will be honoring the Reading Royals on their Kelly Cup championship season that evening right after their new season pucks off.

As you can imagine, Zeke his legendary self will be in the house that night as well and turning a cold shoulder on the MNF tussle between the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants, whose players are unbelievably hissed that they have to play and won’t be at the dazzling bachelor/bachelorette auction.


One thought on “Community treasure BCTV needs some treasure. If you’re single and not coyote ugly, you can help!

  1. I promise you this will be more exciting than staying at home and watching Jeopardy!

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