A-Rod’s 211-game PED suspension now the biggest number in a career populated with big numbers

If A-Rod weren’t so damn vain, he likely would have “666” shaved in his hairline.

If you’re looking for the worst human being since Judas, look at Alex Rodriguez.

He is the most disgraced man in baseball, by a par 5.

As expected, Major League Baseball today hit Alex Rodriguez with a PED-related suspension of Tolstoy length — 211 games.

The ban takes effect Thursday but A-Rod is expected to appeal, which would allow him to play for the Yankees until an arbitrator decides his fate.

The appeal process likely will cover the remainder of the season, which figures to encompass a tawdry media circus until Rodriguez is forever thrown into the dustbin of history like Shoeless Joe Jackson and Pete Rose.

Rodriguez always oozed an abundance of talent and motivation, dying to be the best player in the game.

So he turned to PEDs like kids once turned to PEZ. For what? To hold every record? To be better than even great?

The man who so long ago was supposed to be the “clean” home run champ that would erase the stain of the tainted Barry Bonds became a corrupt man with corrupt stats.

Notoriously involved with HGH proponent Anthony Galea and Biogenesis, A-Rod was dirty as far back as 2003 when he flunked a steroid test.

Rodriguez was done in by two compelling personality shortcomings that rode in tandem: his astonishing levels of narcissism and insecurity.

And now he is the infamous face of PEDs.

It’s not a face he likely will kiss in the mirror like he once did in his halcyon days as baseball’s richest man.


One thought on “A-Rod’s 211-game PED suspension now the biggest number in a career populated with big numbers

  1. The Man in the Mirror
    Alice wasn’t the only one with a Looking Glass

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