Vick the pick over Nick

Well, I guess everybody in the Delaware Valley, Lehigh Valley and Berks Valley (oops, we have no valley I guess despite what the folks in Oley claim) can sleep now.

The Great Eagles Quarterback Derby has reached the finish line: Chip Kelly has anointed Michael Vick as his starter.

All of you who bleed Eagle green and have been turning blue, you may now exhale.

Indeed, Vick has been more glittery this preseason than Lady Gaga.

But we all know that Vick comes wrapped in a cloak of china and often breaks when a passing robin breaks wind.

Still, Kelly’s creative mind seems to be moving the Birds’ offense into an epoch of prosperity and light.

It appears as if whoever holds the throttle, the aerial circus should soar in majestic flight worthy of an Eagle.

Nick Foles, too, has had a crackerjack preseason and rookie Matt Barkley, after a slow start in the preseason opener, seemingly has grasped the offense as firmly as a drunk grasps a bottle of bourbon.

So the question now is whether the Eagles should trade Foles despite Vick’s egg-shell brittle exterior.

Foles’ value may never be higher. The kid has uncanny accuracy and makes hiccup-quick decisions. But like most kid QBs, he does turn the ball over too often. Still, his potential should attract quarterback-needy teams like a light bulb attracts moths.

With Barkley and former Oregon star/Kelly disciple Dennis Dixon, they would have decent depth, especially in Kelly’s quarterback-friendly offense.

Whatever the denouement of this Eagles’ season, the journey should be more fascinating than Lindsay Lohan’s psychological profile.

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