Relying on Putin to disarm Assad is scarier than a chemical dependency

Of course, the anniversary of 9/11 is another poignant and vivid reminder of how turbulent situations abroad can deplete our blood and treasure.

If we could only slice the Middle East from the globe as if it were a peach pit.

If our leaders could only learn that Uncle Sam no longer stands tall enough to play Big Brother.

Syria is the latest thorny issue that messes with the serenity of a war-weary America.

If a Russian proposal to pressure Assad into declaring and relinquishing his chemical weapons stockpile moves forward, the United States will be in the strange position of relying on one of Syria’s chief weapons suppliers to disarm a regime President Obama has accused of gassing its own people.

C’mon, man. Do we seriously think Putin, a big Assad supplier and enabler, is going to disarm him? Do we believe in the tooth fairy, too?

Granted, the proposal could avert America’s entrance into the Syrian civil war and prevent chemical weapons from falling into the hands of terrorist groups if Assad’s regime collapses.

I’m not sure what the line in Vegas is on this, but I wouldn’t bet on the proposal working for us.

Russia claims it can help disarm Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal. But Putin hasn’t even handled his own stockpile properly.

The devil always is in the details … especially when two devils such as Putin and Assad are elbow deep in the details.


One thought on “Relying on Putin to disarm Assad is scarier than a chemical dependency

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