With the Eagles scoring and allowing points in bunches, scoreboard operators are putting in for overtime

OK, Chip Kelly has an offense that is, well, very offensive.

Which is a marvelous thing.

And Kelly has a defense that is well, very offensive.

Which is an atrocious thing.

The Eagles are 1-1 after Sunday’s 33-30 loss to the Chargers.

One reason they lost is that Kelly admittedly could have bled more time off the clock on the Birds’ game-tying final drive.

But you don’t have to be Jon Gruden or Sherlock Holmes to sift through the debris of the defeat and find the clues why.

The reason is that sieve of a defense. Talk about being porous. It has more holes than my old underwear.

They have a terrible secondary (especially the safeties), woeful quality depth at linebacker, a pacifist pass rush and an allergy to staying within six zip codes of tight ends.

No wonder they have surrendered 60 points in two games.

Poland showed more resistance against the Nazi blitzkrieg.

Eagles’ scores this season may resemble Sixers’ scores.

Which means Eagles’ fans won’t get many bathroom breaks during this frenetic season.


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