Outside of some spacious running lanes, Chip Kelly’s Eagles looked like Andy Reid’s Eagles

Andy Reid looks bigger in red, doesn’t he?

He returned to Philly last night where he spent 14 seasons with the Eagles and Big Red looked like Bigger Red.

Andy got the same, uh, Reid on the Birds last night as he did the past few seasons: tons of turnovers, poor pass protection, killer breakdowns on defense, special teams that were atrociously not special, no semblance of a home-field advantage, and an offense that hardly saw the field and when it did erratic maestro Michael Vick was trying his damndest to get them quickly off the field with dumb passes.

If it weren’t for Shady McCoy’s 158 yards rushing (he dinged a wheel, too, and will have to use Lourdes as a whirlpool if he is to make it through the season) and Vick’s 95 yards on the ground, the Eagles’ offense would have been MIA.

Outside of DeSean Jackson, the Birds have no wideouts with speed. Tortoises in a Chip Kelly up-tempo offense are never a good thing.

Between sloths like Riley Cooper and Jason Avant needing sundials on their patterns and Vick misfiring his way to a 13-for-30 evening for a mere 201 yards, one touchdown, two picks, and a 49.4 quarterback rating, everybody this morning as to be a Doubting Thomas about whether Kelly’s offense on the NFL level is the second coming of Steve Spurrier with the Redskins.

Speaking of the Redskins, Kelly’s ballyhooed offensive schemes haven’t been sizzling since the first half of the season opener.

A season that was so pregnant with promise may be destined for a stillbirth.

Suddenly the Birds are facing at a season-high three-game road swing through Denver, the Giants and Tampa Bay.

If Kelly can turn things around in a hurry, that would be one astonishing turnover.

Chip had better have Jesus on speed dial.

This salvation will require divine intervention.


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