Driving off a cliff really isn’t a laughing matter

Harry Reid doesn’t have the wit of a Jon Stewart. Or even a state trooper who just stopped you for speeding on the turnpike.

But the Senate Majority Leader came up with an analogy today that was somewhat mirthful, saying the Republicans bent on defunding Obamacare or shutting down the government are “fanatics” with a “Thelma and Louise”-like mission to drive the nation off a cliff.

Of course, our government has played the game of Fiscal Cliff Chicken much too frequently and it always ends up as much ado about nothing.

Sort of like the Emmy telecast or Chip Kelly hype.

In case you have been preoccupied with a heavy addiction problem, you likely have heard on your iPhone or IPad that the federal government will run out of money after Sept. 30 if Congress does not act by then to authorize more spending.

I, too, will run out of money after Sept. 30 if my wife does not authorize more allowance. But I digress.

While everybody else in America was looking at their fantasy football numbers and checking the Vegas lines, the House of Representatives last week passed a bill that would keep federal offices running only if the Senate and White House agreed to defund the Affordable Care Act.

Senate Democrats and President Obama would rather eat at Maria’s on Penn Street than give in to that demand.

Even Senate Republicans, who seem to have come from a higher gene pool than their counterparts in the House, think using a government shutdown to try to defund Obamacare is stupider than eating tripe and chocolate ice cream at the same time.

So how do these Republican extremists in the House get away with trying to hold the operation of the entire U.S. government hostage?

Easy. John Boehner is pipsqueak Speaker of the House whom the Tea Party folks walk over like he was a tan floor mat.

Not only did Boehner allow this absurd measure to get to the House floor, but has permitted 40 votes repealing a duly passed law that simply won’t be defunded.

Only the folks still waiting for Godot have wasted more time.

In the interest of full disclosure, Obamacare makes me sick. But shutting the government down over it makes me sicker than a yak that just ate an entire Cheetos factory.


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