With the slain Giants behind them, just who should be the Eagles’ sky pilot?

Just when it seemed as if Eagles’ victories would come along every other pyramid after three straight losses in which their defense did more folding than Boscov’s sales clerks, they hung a 36-21 knockout on the winless, hopeless and joyless Giants Sunday.

Of course, the Birds always are good copy for a blogger.

The latest: Do they now have a quarterback conversation, if not controversy?

Michael Vick, working only on a one-year contract, was making like the Roadrunner with his feet and the Venus de Milo with his arm in the first half today until it appeared that his left hamstring twanged like a guitar string.

Enter Nick Foles, who worked the rust off his right arm with some nifty throws.

Now what?

Even if Vick proves healthy enough to play, does Chip Kelly play Foles to assess his future?

Might be the smart chess move if it weren’t for an NFC East that strictly is Chinese checkers.

Then again, Kelly may think his quarterback of the future is one of the current QB cover boy studs in college.

Vick and Foles are about as alike as Liberace and Genghis Khan.

Vick is a lightning rod of a personality who is a more dynamic, if chaotic, football presence.

Foles is about as quiet as a Las Vegas Sunday morning and is the more anticipatory passer. He actually throws the ball before the receiver is open, a technique that seemingly eludes Vick like biochemistry.

Vick’s has the legs for Kelly’s spread offense. Foles has the quick release for Kelly’s up-tempo offense.

Perhaps Kelly should have famed surgeon Dr. James Andrews graft Vick’s legs on Foles or Foles’ football mind on Vick.

Quarterback depth charts can be more explosive than depth charges.

So insert your ear plugs and stay tuned.


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