Siri, tell our government leaders to do something novel and actually do some leading

Siri, tell our government that we Americans deserve better.

After all, most of us are not murderers, are kind to stray lepers and zombies, and don’t download obnoxious ring tones in movie theaters.

So why are we stuck with nitwits in Washington who let a hissing contest shut down our government?

It’s more frustrating than sporting a 1.5 handicap in golf and then going out and shooting yourself a radio station like OMG-106.

Hopefully this fiscal folly ends ASAP.

President Obama woke up from his coma today and challenged John Boehner to prove that he didn’t have the votes to pass a “clean” continuing resolution through the House of Representatives to end the government shutdown.

Boehner on Sunday claimed the House didn’t have the votes. But if at least 22 Republicans on the record who support a “clean” bill voted with the Democrats, the bill would pass and the government shutdown would end.

By the way Siri, this shutdown nonsense merely is the opening act. The second act is the one spewing tragedy like a Pinto once spewed parts: a credit default.

Just ask China, our largest creditor. The Chinese warned us today to get our spit together or risk being too broke to even buy Chop Suey.

In case you have been distracted by NBA preseason games and missed it, the U.S. has to vote to increase the debt ceiling by October 17 or face default.

Which is scarier than facing Peyton Manning or seeing Joan Rivers (with or without makeup).

One more thing, Siri: Please tell our government to fess up and stop playing the role of Pinocchio.

The U.S. government is now acknowledging, at least indirectly, a significant al Qaeda connection to the 9-11 anniversary attacks on the U.S. mission and CIA station in Benghazi.

Today the State Department designated the Mohammed Jamal Network (MJN) and its founder, Mohammed Jamal as terrorists.

Fighters affiliated with MJN participated in the Benghazi attacks.

Evidently the attacks were not the work of pacifist philosophy majors a tad irked by a documentary … as our government once conveyed to us.

Only in America.


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