Chip Kelly’s mythical offense is just that

So much for an inventive, imaginative OMG-did-you-see-that-exotic-offensive scheme gushing to a tsunami of points.

Philly ain’t Oregon, Chip Kelly.

The Eagles lost the normally defenseless Giants 15-7 today in a game that prompted many fans to jam bottle openers into their eyes.

It was that screaming ugly.

This horror show should have aired on Halloween.

Did Stephen King script the Eagles’ playbook?

Michael Vick’s hamstring hamstrung him right back to the bench and if Matt Barkley is ready for prime time, I’m Julius Caesar ready to plunge into the Rubicon.

The Eagles’ offense has mustered just three points in two games, since their touchdown Sunday came courtesy of special teams.

I’m not so sure the Eagles could even score against that porous Penn State defense.

Tim Tebow may score before the Eagles do again.

By the way, Andy Reid’s Chiefs remain unbeaten.

Sometimes you can drown in a sea change.

Life sure can be a funny old possum.


One thought on “Chip Kelly’s mythical offense is just that

  1. Dennis says:

    I would normally agree with all of it but I vowed to give Chip a pass for one year and one year only. I do believe we may have a huge QB issue though.

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