Defense, zebras save Eagles from coming apart at the seams like cheap rayon

The Eagles won their fourth straight game Sunday, reaching 7-5 and keeping them in the NFC East and playoff hunt with four games remaining.

Now, as Paul Harvey used to say, here is the rest of the story:

The Birds beat the Cards 24-21 at the Linc but not before a lot of women chewed through their necklaces and a lot of men chewed through their chins.

Matters were infinitely more intense than an aquatics fitness class for the perpetually plump.

What had looked like a resounding and convincing triumph over a good Arizona club when the Eagles led 24-7 after the opening drive of the second half disappeared like MC Hammer.

The Eagles’ offense, which can be as explosive as a Taco Bell dinner, once again because as meek as puffed rice.

It’s a pattern that is not endearing but definitely is perplexing if not damn annoying.

Yep, 24-7 became 24-14 and then 24-21 and then the agita wasn’t just coming from the cheesesteaks.

Fortunately for all hearts and digestive tracts in Iggles Nation, their defense, once upon a time so puny that even the cheerleaders kicked sand in its face but which forced three turnovers and totaled five sacks Sunday, and the zebras saved the Eagles’ collective ass.

Late in the game the previously pluperfect Nick Foles threw his first pick of the season after 19 touchdown passes (three of them Sunday).

Check that. The Cards got screwed on a bogus pass interference call.

Scratch that pick.

On the Cardinals’ final offensive play on fourth-and-5 from their 15, cornerback Bradley Fletcher mugged stud wideout Michael Floyd on a pass that fell incomplete.

Either the officials couldn’t find their flags or their eyeballs because no flags were thrown.

And yet another bogus call, this one a defensive holding penalty, extended the Eagles’ final possession to bleed the clock a whiter shade of pale and wrapped up the early Christmas gift for the Eagles.

Let us all give thanks on this Thanksgiving weekend.


One thought on “Defense, zebras save Eagles from coming apart at the seams like cheap rayon

  1. Dennis says:

    I saw calls that went the other way in that game. As for the offense though, you are right on…perplexing and annoying. At least in the second half.

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