Eagles play like stuffed sausages while getting grilled by the (yikes!) Vikings

Suffice it to say that the Eagles in Minneapolis on Sunday had about as much interest in defense as a blind man has in rainbows.

The Eagles were totally decimated by the depleted Vikings, getting torched 48-30.

The debacle severed a five-game winning streak as emphatically as amputating a limb.

The Psychic Hotline couldn’t have predicted this.

The game was uglier than eating Brussels sprouts.

If you recall, the Eagles’ defense sucked the first month of the season, then sucked it up and didn’t allow more than 21 points a game for nine straight games.

Until Sunday when journeyman Matt Cassel lit up the Birds’ secondary as if it were kindling.

What the hell happened to the Eagles?

Did they all develop heart murmurs, punctured eardrums, asthma and multiple sclerosis on the flight?


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