A Bridge Over Troubled Water likely won’t be Chris Christie’s presidential campaign theme song

When times get rough and friends just can’t be found, could Chris Christie be pondering jumping off a bridge over troubled water?

That would make an even bigger splash in New Jersey than Hurricane Sandy.

But likely no need for that.

Barring evidence that directly implicates Christine in the political-retaliation Bridgegate, this scandal won’t flush his White House aspirations down the drain.

The first Republican presidential primary is two years away and people have short and superficial attention spans.

After all, Miley Cyrus could be married to Dennis Rodman AND Bruce Jenner by then.

The plague of Obamacare could kill us all by then.

And it’s not like the other leading 2016 presidential candidates don’t have more baggage than an airline terminal.

Hillary Clinton has Benghazi, Rand Paul apparently has plagiarized boring speeches, Ted Cruz reportedly was born in either Canada or Slovenia, and Marco Rubio evidently is totally useless unless he is overdosing on water.

By the way, how long until Bridget Anne Kelly gets her own reality TV show?

The now-fired Christie deputy chief of staff, a 4-foot-9 soccer mom of four, has been characterized as the culprit in the plot to gridlock the George Washington Bridge because she emailed the infamous “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee” after Fort Lee mayor Mark Sokolich had the audacity not to support Christie simply because fat people have no reason to live.


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