NFL playoffs more chalk than a big body outline

It had been forever and maybe longer since we could smell the sanity in the NFL’s four divisional-round playoff games.

The games all went chalk. Finally all the cream rose to the top. Talk about a miracle breaking a sweat.

Most years an underdog or two makes perjury out of reality, which most times in pro football is about as real as Cheez Whiz.

So now we have two marquee conference championship games featuring the four best teams in the league this coming Sunday when New England tangles with Denver in the AFC and San Francisco jousts with Seattle in the NFC.

Yep, Tom Brady arm wrestles Peyton Manning once again but believe it or not it has been seven years their last playoff aerial duel.

Meanwhile, the Niners and the Seahawks, who sport two of the best defenses in football and young guns in Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson, continue their division rivalry that has been as hot as a waffle iron.

Titanic matchups to determine which two teams get to freeze their asses off in a North Jersey Super Bowl.


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