This Super Bowl could be the Superdooper Bowl

Contrary to popular belief, Super Bowls don’t always suck.

Granted, once upon a time it seemed as if each Super Bowl was a drumstick turkey big enough for an NFL lineman to bench press.

But recent Super Bowls have had considerably more drama than what actress is wearing what dress on the SAG Awards red carpet.

This year’s Super Bowl matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks on Feb. 2 at MetLife Stadium could be a real firecracker unless a polar vortex smothers North Jersey that evening.

Seattle was the top-seeded NFC team; Denver the top-seeded AFC team.

This is a classic showdown of clubs that compiled NFL-best 15-3 records — potentially a mythic clash of Troy vs. Sparta proportion.

The Seahawks, featuring loquacious cornerback Richard Sherman headlining a star-studded secondary, have the league’s best defense that gave up a league-low 14.4 points and 273.6 yards per game this season.

The Broncos, featuring legendary quarterback, pitchman and Omaha Chamber of Commerce spokesman Peyton Manning and a corps of receivers deeper than a Mensa philosophical thread, have the league’s best offense that scored an NFL-record 37.9 points per game (becoming the first team to top 600 points), and amassed a league-high 457.3 yards per game.

You don’t need Nostradamus or Jimmy The Greek whispering in your ear to figure out that something has to give.


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