Wannabe bad boy Justin Bieber pathetically drag racing to hell

I believe we all are familiar with the script … child star turned preening train wreck of self-destruction apparently is playing on an endless loop.

Yep, fame at a tender age evidently fries your brain cells like an egg and cracks your moral compass like, well, an egg.

Guess we can call Justin Bieber The Egg Man.

Could have done so for some time.

What I find hysterical about this pipsqueak is that he is working so hard and foolishly at being a bad boy.

He has about as much chance of being a bad boy as he does swimming across the Atlantic underwater while towing Lindsay Lohan by her hair.

You can’t be a bad boy when you look like a little girl.

And now the pathetic Biebz is back on the streets.

After a wild night in Miami Beach, the falling pop star, who was arrested early Thursday for drag racing and DUI, exited a correctional center, wearing a hoodie and waving to fans.

It was the end of a drug and booze-filled escapade that involved fast cars, lots of partying, plenty of stupidity and false bravado and, ultimately, police.

R&B artist Khalil, whoever the hell he is, also was arrested.

It all started with Bieber in a rented yellow Lamborghini drag racing Khalil in a red Ferrari – hot wheels spinning into hot water.

In an Instagram photo before the incident, Khalil wrote: “Miami nights ridin thru yo city in that hot wheel.”

I guess drag racing in a 1963 Mercury Comet and a 1971 Ford Pinto wouldn’t have had the same social media appeal.

Bieber, 19 going on 12, was booked at Miami Beach police headquarters on charges of driving under the influence, driving with an expired license and resisting arrest without violence.

He cursed out the arresting officer, then admitted to having beer, pot and prescription drugs in his system.

Why would someone so instantly and readily confess to all that?

Two reasons: 1) He’s a moron drunk/stoned out of his gourd. 2) He’s pathetically trying to burnish his bad boy resume.

According to the arrest affidavit, Bieber smelled of alcohol, repeatedly dropped F-bombs and refused to cooperate with a police officer who had ordered him to put his hands on his car during a cursory pat-down.

And this all comes on the heels of his recent egg incident.

Earlier this month, Bieber’s home was searched after he was thought to have pelted a neighbor’s home with eggs.

Yep, call him The Egg Man.

With egg on his face.


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