Too busy to blog blues

For the legions of folks who turned cold blue days ago waiting in breathless anticipation for my next blog, you now can exhale.

Assuming you still can.

I didn’t get writer’s cramp.

Just a cramped schedule while spanning the globe.

I accumulated more frequent flier miles than NASA.

Where the hell was I?

I visited Mother Nature at the North Pole and told the old gal she had better cease and desist from turning Berks County into a frozen custard every three days or so.

Did you notice how beautiful today was in Greater Reading?

You’re welcome.

I moved Jay Leno into his retirement home in Beverly Hills.

I helped Jimmy Fallon take over as The Tonight Show host in Manhattan.

I shot the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition after giving all the models a massage.

I caught some rays in Sochi at the Winter Olympics and while I was there I found a cure for Bob Costas’ pinkeye.

I caught some pitchers and pitched to some catchers when the Phillies opened spring training.

Now have I had to catch some Z’s.


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